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Vacant Positions at Feed Bistro

We have room for new Feed family members! 

We are busy at Feed Bistro. That's why we're now looking for new colleagues who want to be part of the world's best team.

Do you want to work in an environment at full throttle and where no two days are alike? A place where we sprinkle just as much love on our guests as truffles on the food? Then maybe it's you we're missing.

Right now, we're looking for the following profiles:


Are you creative and quality-conscious?

As part of the kitchen team, your primary task is to give our guests a food experience through passion, quality, skill, and finesse. As a chef, you will be employed either full-time or part-time. At Feed, you work in a creative team with exciting ingredients such as Wagyu, caviar, and truffles. You become part of a fantastic kitchen team that complements each other daily with great food, extraordinary service, and bad jokes.

You get the opportunity to put your stamp on the menu, so you have to be in touch with your creative side - good and bad ideas are received with high fives.

Kitchen helpers

Do you love to cook?

As a kitchen assistant, it is your noblest task to help and assist where it is needed, so that together you can give our guests an extraordinary dining experience. 

As a kitchen assistant, you will typically be employed part-time. We value high spirits and courage and would rather have you WANT - then we make sure you CAN. As a kitchen assistant, you will help our chefs deliver a wonderful menu to our guests. You enjoy being busy, have a good overview and always have a smile on your face.

We expect you to be a team player with a high work pace and also meet all kinds of challenges with a positive attitude. In addition, we want you to have a natural interest in food and drink. If you have experience from either hotel, restaurant or catering, that is a plus.

Apprentice chef

Do you dream of becoming a chef?

Are you ambitious and dreaming of an education as a chef? Then maybe you're our new chef apprentice! At Feed, you get the opportunity to work with exciting ingredients such as Wagyu, caviar, and truffles.

You get the chance to develop professionally and personally, and with the help of your colleagues, we will ensure that you become sharp in the kitchen during your apprenticeship.

As part of the kitchen team, your primary task is to give our guests a food experience through passion, quality, skill, and finesse.


Are you passionate about providing your guests with a great experience?

As a waiter, your primary task – together with your colleagues – is to ensure that our guests have a wonderful restaurant experience and are not lacking anything during their visit. We emphasise our guests' experience while striving for a good, healthy, and educational work environment.

As a waiter, you will experience flexible working hours, typically between 3 PM and 2 AM. We are fortunate to be part of an industry in rapid development; where there is development, there is change. Therefore, it is essential that you thrive in change processes and can navigate dynamics and change with a stable and positive attitude.

We expect that you have some experience and knowledge of the restaurant industry. Most importantly, you are happy, outgoing, present, and smiling in your approach to other people – guests and colleagues.


Are you energetic and have a high work pace?

The role of the runner/dishwasher is vital for a successful and smooth service! You make it possible for both the kitchen and the waiter teams to prepare the food and provide the service and quality that we value so highly.

As a runner/dishwasher, we promise you a fast-paced everyday life. Your most important tasks are washing dishes, pots, and machines while ensuring that the dishwashing and service areas appear tidy and clean.

The position will be part-time. Previous experience is an advantage but not a requirement. The most important thing is your attitude and willingness to work hard.

Kitchen Managers & Sous Chefs

Are you a born leader?

As the driving forces in the kitchen, your primary task is to lead, structure, and allocate resources in the kitchen team so that together we can give our guests a complete dining experience beyond the ordinary.

Your opportunities for influence and participation are almost endless, and you can help put your personal touch on the kitchen. Perhaps you are the one we are looking for as our new head chef or sous chef. You will have a hand in everything, and in addition to cooking, your tasks will also include cleaning, meetings, ordering supplies, menu planning, and various ad-hoc duties.

The working hours are 37 hours per week. We expect you to be a trained chef with experience from either a hotel, restaurant, or catering company and that you can handle tasks such as scheduling, managing kitchen staff, ordering and receiving supplies, supporting and running services (both lunch and dinner).


Can you shake cocktails like a dream?

On the ground floor of Feed Bistro, you'll find the restaurant's very own cocktail bar. Here, our guests can enjoy one (or more) drinks before and after dinner.

We need more hands to shake, mix, and fix delicious cocktails for our guests. 

If you have energy, an overview, and a great vibe – you’re the one we are looking for! 

Restaurant manager

Do you like to lead the way with a smile on your face?

As a restaurant manager, you work closely with the day-to-day manager, and together with her you are responsible for the restaurant's operation and operating results. It is your noblest task to lead, structure and distribute the resources of the server team and get everyone to play together as a team. Furthermore, you are responsible for the employees' well-being (training, motivation, follow-up) and that the restaurant always lives up to the guests' expectations.

We expect you to have a great interest and passion for the industry. The most important thing for us is that you have the courage and desire to develop yourself. In addition, you "take the lead" and are hardworking, just as you always strive to create good moments for the guests as well as your colleagues. 

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